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Iranian music listeners pay all their attention to the text when they hear it to understand the meaning of the word “Ann” and it seems that this understanding reaches its full level when a song is sung with a musical song. But I wonder why most older readers, who pay so much attention to the twists and scenarios, did not notice that the pages contained with Avai INL INL and with are the best proof of this. Perhaps the illiteracy of the majority of readers who themselves did not understand the meaning of poetry or the art of reading aloud, which was the custom of this time, and the less the reader was able to pronounce words at the peak has become one of the parts of this genre. Among past readers, on the contrary, everyone is more literate and understands the meaning of poetry better, and less screaming and more desirable. In general, it can be said: that “those who were educated at the Tajik school” became more interested in reading aloud, and we do not like your reading style today.

Poetry and music

Music and lyrics have been together for a long time. What every music lover will do and help you. The song gets smaller when eBay can help to cope with the explicit purpose of overcoming; however, there should never be this law, especially in our country, that still poetry is, has been an integral part of music and has always been the word of the creator, and singing together can be. There was a lot of discussion about which of the two arts – poetry and music – needed each other more and concluded that poetry is perfect, but music cannot speak without poetry. He compared Amir Khosrow Dehlavi to the bride and considered the song as a song. For Jena, it is the way we think that our music is homogeneous and not entirely responsible for the expression of purpose. In this regard, the song was used to better express itself in the light of the word. But, as I have already written, the more the music lover progresses, the less he becomes a necessity. Thus, sanfnik European Music does not require any lyrics, and those who are good at this kind of music can sit in silence for hours, listen only to the sounds of the orchestra and hear thousands of beautiful scenery and sweet jokes through zero basses and see. But when music consists of only one song and the art of playing is limited to a small scientific aspect, it tires the listener faster, and only poetry can compensate for these shortcomings, especially lyrical texts that are very closely related to our national songs, and the weight depends on the rhythm of our songs. Musica. In this case, it should be considered the most important pillar of Iranian music, and yet this long-standing continuity has been established.

In the definition of singing in general it was the singer’s voice designed to play shells and convey ideas about the inner person, and on the other hand, in terms of his special education, he draws the type of voice that Dani and accompanies him with the terms master an accredited and qualified specialist that must be done.
Some say there is no “rhythm” or” scale”.
According to IRNA, experts in the field of music and masters of this technology believe that singing in sexual gestures requires searching for your man, and this other noble art does not fit in a tender youth and “loves him”, “paint” paint, “Halo” and “ballad”.
The decrease in the level of consciousness of the new generation of music enthusiasts and not knowing the position of the traditional historical Singing Day led to the fact that after the prolonged concert his relative would leave his Hall alone, and the bandleader or conductor would have to pay a multiplier after the completion of each corner or the maximum size of the two corners.
On the other hand, production has been declining in recent years and people’s attention to this art has decreased significantly.
Some teachers in this field also find it more difficult for young people to learn to read and link than to practice within the range, and many young people are also connected with this original art in this area. Halfway to the fall is possible.
On the other hand, it must be recognized that music, according to him, because of historical influences and attacks of aliens, etc. The sad sadness in your singing is the root of this art that is visible so read what attracts and attracts people especially young people is visible. In the reader. These can not be found, and there are only those in this revolving comeback who love this art.
Sung in fact, the viewer and mirror are all looking at the position of a failed social period, a different history of the grief of the nation, I must be very sad and influential in their manifestation, that knowledge of this is important to the public, perhaps because one, at least out of curiosity, relates to this art.
The difficulties and complexities on the one hand contributed to the prosperity of Iranians due to a handful of teachers and professors and the lack of contemporary history on the other.
On the other hand, the auditory and visual media are very interested in playing the authentic Iranian vase, and there is no program to explain the history and recognition of the professors of this fan is not dedicated, and in this case, people naturally listen to such music from their homeland to be more manus.
You can often hear that this music does not respond to the needs and feelings of modern people, especially young people, and unfortunately, there is no reason to refute this statement.
And the music will surround you but despite the 12 “devices” and “this” we sing because of their low performance it is unknown even in the interior.
Bhural Al-Khan, written by Shirazi a hundred years ago, is the first book divided into seven parts: RR and Iranian.
Currently singing consists of seven devices or powers, including “Trilogy”, “path”,” Haq”,” Mahoor”,” passion”,” August”,” Nova “and five, or melodies called” Rumi “and” Abu Ata”,” experienced “and” veteran holiday”, and” Isfahan veteran ” is read by Abu Ata, etc… Isfahan of evaz Homayoun descent said that this separation has been accepted by many contemporary musicians and musicians.
Each of the folk songs, original or auxiliary, ranges from 10 to 30, each of which expresses both the basis of the country’s ancient life and culture, and the canvas, unfortunately, due to the absence of a compiled date for the reasons of its name, even for the line that bears the donors.
There are sensitive points and components in each corner and it is quite recognizable to the listener. Ali Naki Vaziri has three main notes and the key is set at an angle. First “pure control” is the most special offer, and you repeat. The second “note variable”, which changes a quarter of the screen, changes to “Maggie” and finally to a “note stop”, which corner at the end “.

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